Crystal elixir

Live water

What is a crystalline elixir?

Crystal elixir or energized water is drinking water in which we put the appropriate natural crystals that transfer energy, vibrations and information into the water and we get an elixir that:

  • improves immunity
  • increases energy
  • reduces stress
  • improves circulation
  • removes energy blockages
  • reduces nervousness, anxiety …

The action of the crystal elixir depends on the energy and information of the crystal we used.

  • Rock crystal: increase energy and immunity,
  • Rose quartz: heart and circulation,
  • Amethyst: for headache and circulation
  • Smoky quartz: fertility and reproductive organs
living water in a bottle

How does the elixir help you?

Water is the best physical conductor and acts as a sponge for vibrations and energy around it. Therefore, water is the best medium for vibration transmission from crystals. When drinking water from a spring, such water is “alive”, it has the vibration of the natural environment, the vibration of the earth, minerals and rocks through which it passes, so it is highly energized and clean. The water in the pipeline has no contact with these vibrations and due to fluorine and chlorine it loses the property of high vibrations and becomes “dead” and carries negative information. The easiest way to re-energize water is to add a crystal to the water, which due to its perfect atomic structure allows it to receive, store and transmit large amounts of energy. The beautifully designed and portable bottle with Gems-Vibes crystals allows you to easily energize and create “living” water.

What do we know about the crystal elixir?

The positive effects of crystals on human health have been known since the time of the Egyptians and Greeks who knew and used the beneficial properties of crystals. It is not about any supernatural vibrations, but about physically measurable sound waves and electromagnetic frequencies that are transmitted from crystals to water.


In recent times, scientists have proven that water “remembers”. The theory was set by the French immunologist Dr Jacques Benveniste. His successor, Nobel Prize winner prof. Luc Montagnier managed to prove the transfer of information to water crystals. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto researched how water crystals change depending on the information and energies and feelings we transmit to them.

Crystal elixir

How do we get the elixir?


Add water to the crystal bottle

Water absorbs and preserves the vibrations of the precious stone

Vibration and energy are transmitted to the water

The preserved vibrations are transmitted to the living tissue


The vibrations of the crystal elixir help you

Vibrations increase spiritual and physical health